HELD ON 31.1.1996 



 1.1    The purpose of issuing these Bye-laws is to complement the Constitution in organising the affairs of the Society by the Board of Directors by providing the necessary details as set forth in certain articles of the Constitution. 

1.2    The Bahrain Society of Engineers was established in 1972 in pursuance of the Societies and Clubs Licensing Ordinance of 1959. 

1.3    The Society was re-registered on 15 March 1992, by virtue of Registration No. ? / ?/ 76 in pursuance of the Law of Social and Cultural Societies, Clubs, and Associations carrying on Youth and Sports Activities and Private Organisations, promulgated by legislative Decree No. (21) of 1989 and its Implementing Ministerial Orders. 

1.4    The Re-registration Order No. (6) of 1992, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and a summary of the Constitution, were published in the Official Gazette, Issue No  2005 on 29 April 1992. 

1.5    The Society’s Bye-Laws was approved during the extraordinary General Assembly meeting held on 31 January 1996. Accordingly, this Bye-Laws supersedes all previous Bye-Laws. 

1.6    In case of conflict between the provisions of the Bye-Laws and the Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail. 

1.7    No change may be made to the provisions of the Bye-Laws without the approval of the General Assembly

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