Under the patronage of the Minister of Education… The Bahrain Society of Engineers organizes the 9th Engineering Majors Expo

Under the patronage of the Minister of Education… The Bahrain Society of Engineers organizes the 9th Engineering Majors Expo


The Bahrain Society of Engineers is currently preparing to launch the 9th Engineering Majors Expo, which it organizes annually in coordination with the Ministry of Education and for the first time in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Women.

Dr. Raida Al-Alawi, President of the Bahraini Society of Engineers, emphasized the important role played by this Expo in introducing high school students to the different engineering disciplines available to them for pursue their undergraduate studies.  She added, the aim of this expo is to inspire high school students to pursue an education and career in engineering. It is an opportunity for the students from all public and private schools to meet professionals from different engineering majors and explore the various aspects of each major. The event is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Supreme Council of Women, to arrange for group visits from all local schools to the Expo venue. The event will showcase various booths, with each dedicated to one engineering discipline to explain the various aspects of that discipline as well as its career paths. Helping students to take informed decisions about their undergraduate studies.  Additionally, all local universities in Bahrain offering engineering programs will be participating in this event.  Hence, the expo will be a time saving opportunity for students to gather information about the available engineering program, discuss entrance requirements and campus life.

Dr. Al-Alawi pointed out that the exhibition of engineering disciplines provides high school students and their families with opportunities to meet with professional engineers and engineering professors from  the university of Bahrain and the local private universities, to introduce them to the engineering programs available, the admission criteria, and the student life

Dr. Al-Alawi added that the timing of the exhibition coincided with the celebrations of the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, which falls on the 4th  of March of each year. This day was proclaimed by UNESCO at its 40th General Conference in 2019 and it is paired with  the founding day of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), the Federation that includes around hundred national and international members, representing the engineering society of the world. WED is recognized to appreciate and honor the important role of engineers in our society. The celebration of World Engineering Day is an opportunity to promote engineering as a career.,

For her part, the treasurer of BSE and the head of the exhibition, Engineer Huda Sultan, said that the exhibition of engineering disciplines mainly aims to encourage students of public and private secondary schools and its scientific and industrial branches to enroll in engineering disciplines that are appropriate to their abilities and desires, noting that the exhibition in its 9th edition will cover a number of Engineering disciplines, most notably: civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, petroleum, environmental, instrumentation, computer, aerospace, surveying, quantity surveying, software, Computer Network, Mechatronics, Interior Design, and Industrial Engineering.

Engineer Huda Sultan pointed out that the exhibition of engineering disciplines has become one of the most important exhibitions organized annually by the Bahrain Society of Engineers, given that it is targeting an important community segment, which is the students at the high school level.