The national Society that embraces engineers of all disciplines and works to raise the professional, technical, and scientific level of engineers and develop their efficiency by promoting ethical, sound and creative values and practices of the engineering profession that contribute to the social and economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain.



We will strive for excellence as a leading professional engineering body that seeks and works to gain recognition and good reputation at the regional and global level through:

  • Providing the highest level of services to the members to ensure the maximum benefit for the engineers.
  • Empowering the national engineer to be the first choice to support the national economy and sustainable development.
  • Supporting Bahraini engineer towards a global competitive engineering community.
  • Gain respect and recognition in terms of commitment towards the profession, members, and community.
  • Participating in raising the level of engineering work in the public and private sectors.



The founders established this society to achieve a number of objectives that generally develop the engineering profession and engineers as well.

Such objectives include the following: to contribute to the development of the industrial and urban renaissance in Bahrain, contribute to regulating the rules of the engineering profession and raising its level in collaboration with other competent entities, express the professional interests and rights of its members, strengthen the ties of friendship and fellowship among its members and work on enhancing academic and technical cooperation between the Bahraini engineer on one hand and their colleagues in other Arab countries and all over the world on the other hand.