Oil Minister inaugurates 18th MECC Exhibition

Oil Minister inaugurates 18th MECC Exhibition


Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak bin Daina, Oil and Environment Minister and Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, inaugurated the 18th Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition (MECC), with the participation of more than 500 senior officials, specialists, and those interested from various countries.

The 18th MECC is co-organised by the Bahrain Society of Engineers (BSE) and the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) Dhahran-Saudi Arabia Chapter, in cooperation with the Bahraini Ministry of Oil and Environment, supported by Saudi Aramco and several specialised global oil companies.

The minister expressed his pride in Bahrain’s hosting of the MECC since its launch in 1979, which affirms Bahrain’s reputation for holding various international events that contribute to the exchange of expertise and increase positive outcomes.

He pointed out the importance of discussing metal corrosion, in which the geographical location, climatic conditions, and the significant use of metal in various sectors, including pipelines, bridges, buildings, aircraft, and electrical appliances, are the most prominent factors in it.

He emphasised the importance of reviewing modern studies and technology of corrosion and rust prevention methods to contribute to the reduction of risk and cost.

Wail A. Al Jaafari, Executive Vice President of Technical Services of Saudi Aramco, praised the organisation of this conference since its launch and affirmed that it became a hub for strengthening cooperation in the oil industry.

He added that the conference reflects 45 years of partnership between Saudi Aramco and BSE, reflecting the commitment and cooperation of both parties to face common challenges.

Al Jaafari said the Fourth Industrial Revolution Centre (4IR) of Saudi Aramco works to provide solutions for metal corrosion, and it monitors 6.5 million data points collected from 35,000 areas exposed to rust. This contributes to early prediction that helps improve performance, ensure safety and reduce breakdowns.

Dr. Raida Al Alawi, President of BSE, thanked the minister for his support for the success of MECC, noting that the exhibition celebrates the 45th anniversary of its launch and that it is considered to be one of the largest specialised engineering and professional conferences in the country and region.

The minister was briefed on modern technologies and studies in the field of metal corrosion prevention. He also tried the virtual reality (VR) experience supported by Saudi Aramco.

The MECC exhibition has the participation of 78 industrial companies from 23 countries.