Who we are

The Bahrain Society of Engineers was established and officially incorporated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on 1st July 1972.


Roles and Responsibilities

To contribute towards the industrial development and modernization of Bahrain.

  1. To enhance the standards of the engineering professional practice in cooperation with relevant authorities.
  2. To express the interests and professional rights of its members.
  3. To establish and promote good relationship and interaction among its members.
  4. To establish and promote scientific and technical cooperation with engineers outside Bahrain.
  5. To conduct and encourage scientific and engineering researches through publications, conferences, seminars, technical visits, technical competitions and exchange of information with other engineering societies and organizations.
  6. To provide arbitrators and expert witnesses in matters related to engineering.
  7. To promote training and professional development.
  8. To maintain and promote the ethics of professional practice.
Society’s Main Activities
  1.  Develop the engineering knowledge of newly graduated Arab Engineers.
  2. Providing places in various Conferences/Workshops/Seminars, free of cost and at reduced rates.
  3. Organizing International and Regional Conferences and Exhibitions.
  4. Organizing Seminars and Workshops on Engineering subjects.
  5. Organizing Lectures and Technical Visits for members.
  6. Organizing and issuing leaflets, booklets, journals, research studies, newsletters and conference proceedings during conferences.
  7. Providing employment services for members through received offers and approved programmes.
  8. Offering financial aid to members for training and development purposes within the Society’s financial constraints.
  9. Organizing public relations and information –related activities by publishing the Al-Mohandis Journal and issuing press releases to the local press.
  10. Providing Forums and opportunities for the exchange of engineering and scientific information
BSE Training Centre

The objectives of the training centre are to provide:

  1. Offer courses which addresses the needs and training requirements as outlined in consultation with government and other major business concerns.
  2. Course instructors and lecturers from the region and other part of the world who are experts in their subject bring their expertise to the professionals keeping in mind the regional demands and perspectives.
  3. Courses and training programs are provided at a nominal charge to enable cost –effectiveness thereby reducing training expenses in all organizations and individuals who require focused training at reasonable rates.
BSE Affiliations
  1.  World Federation of Engineering Organizations
  2. Federation of Arab Engineers
  3. Institution of Electrical Engineers –U.K
  4. American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  5. The Concrete Society-U.K
  6. The American Concrete Institute
  7. Institution of Engineers(India)-Bahrain Chapter
  8. Institution of Engineers ( Pakistan)-Bahrain Chapter
  9. Jordanian Society of Engineers
  10. Saudi Arabian Quality Council
  11. Saudi Arabian Section of the Air & Waste Management Association
  12. National Association of Corrosion Engineers-Saudi Arabian Chapter
BSE Committees 
  1. Technical Committee: To provide relevant information and consultation to members on any matters of a technical nature in the field of engineering and other management issues. Organizing various types of Technical Seminars/Lectures/Technical Visits for the Engineer members and other professionals.
  2. Conferences Committee:  Planning new Conferences and Exhibitions on various engineering fields in coordination with other International Institutions and Associations. To form sub committees to entrust responsibilities of various scheduled conferences for its smooth functioning and taking appropriate actions accordingly.
  3. Information Committee:  Handling newsletters, event publicity to be covered by local press and media and the publication of various articles for the Al Mohandis magazine distributed to various engineers in Bahrain and the Middle East. The Committee consists of a team of BSE members shouldering all responsibility of the publicity & marketing of all the Society’s activities regularly and also takes care of all media coverage in coordination with the local & outside newspapers, TV channels and other sources. Committee is also responsible for publishing the BSE periodical “AL MOHANDIS” on a quarterly basis.
  4. Membership Affairs Committee:  To evaluate and accept membership of all new engineers. Committee is looking after the matters related to existing members on various aspects. Committee reviews the request for sponsorship by members for attending various conferences, seminars and courses. The Membership Committee is directly responsible for review of applications for Student Scholarships
  5. Social Activities Committee:  Plan and organize various social events for the members and their families. Various activities are conducted at BSE, of which the most prominent is the “Engineer’s Gathering” or “Malfa Almohandiseen” on Tuesdays for members and their friends to interact with each other and meet socially. Various activities are conducted during this gathering which is open to members, their families and friends. Committee also organizes Package tours for members to various countries, Sports Activities, Annual Dinners etc
  6. Technology and Training Committee:  To identify training requirements in the field of Information Technology and to organize the same at the IT Training Centre at BSE. Committee also directly responsible for conducting training, courses and seminars in various engineering subjects.
  7. Consultancy through Engineering Offices:  To provide assistance to interested members and other professionals in the field of engineering with the help of special teams who can share their expertise and knowledge for the benefit of engineers in the industry.